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The Peace Window
The Restoration
Maecenas World
Patrimony Foundation
Marc Chagall
Dag Hammarskjöld
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The Project
The much-needed restoration project of the Marc Chagall's 'Peace Window' at the United Nations in New York, was an initiative of
Maecenas World Patrimony Foundation.

The project was accomplished in the Summer 2001. For this purpose a temporary atelier was situated in the UN building. The execution of the restoration was managed by
Fine Arts Conservation Inc. , New York.

The work entailed research, documentation, flattening of panels re-leading, repair, filling and retouching of broken and missing sections within the glass, and reputting.

More about the restoration...
Barbara Bertieri, Fine Arts Conservation, Inc.

Following Dag Hammarskjöld's death on September 18, 1961, the staff of the United Nations set up a Committee and a Foundation to provide a 'living memorial' to the late Secretary-General.

The Committee invited the artist Marc Chagall to contribute a piece of his work to the memory of Dag Hammarskjöld and to all those who had lost their lives in the cause of peace. The monument is a free-standing piece of stained glass: 'The Peace Window'.

Art is vulnerable. As time passed by, damages occurred to the stained glass, parts became loose, atmospheric influences caused scale, and the like.

The restoration effort has been dedicated to the United Nations on its 60th anniversary, UN Day 24th October 2005, in commemoration of Dag Hammerskjöld.

The Maecenas World Patrimony Foundation was able to fully execute this effort with the support of the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Foundation and the Ten Doesschate Buisman Group.
The Peace Window
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